13 LAB

In the spring of 2014, 13Lab Editore was born in Milan.

Our slogan is: the publishing house that promotes reading through the eyes of the reader.

When we started, we realized that being a publisher isn’t just about printing and distribution. Unfortunately, in Italy we read little, and it is important to start with “communication and dissemination of reading” to get the public a passion for books.

What we try to do through our social networks, arguing the world of books. It is difficult to explain what conquers us about a book, it is a question of sensations rather than of head.

We like to live it, identify with the characters, we like the way in which the author manages to direct our imagination, the emotions caused by the words, the suggestion of the settings, everything that will then conquer the readers. And these sensations are contained within the necklaces that distinguish the style of 13Lab Editore.

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Among the latest releases we remember:

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