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Looking for Pan

“The passengers are recognized by the excitement that invades them.” It’s not narrative, it’s not poetry, at times it’s a real travel story but in verses that alternate with lines and images ready to show the reader what is explained by the words, as if it were possible to grasp them… It is a journey by sea, from Brindisi to Greece, and – let’s say it better – to ancient Greece, therefore not only a...

Il giugno dei libri 2023

Following the success of the first edition, the second edition of the review “June of books” returns from 8 to 21 June. A series of meetings organized by BooktoMi and Occasioni d’Incontro which will fill the free cultural offer in the south of Milan.   For the second consecutive year the meetings will be held in the square in front Mondadori Bookstore Barona.   Info and booking: eventibooktomi@gmail.com  –  occasioni.inchiostro@gmail.com    


A hundredmillions

“I live like sole, on the seabed. My peers, on land: what can we say to each other?” Teresa is a forty-seven-year-old teacher, stuck in the role of daughter for too long. She lives with her parents in a village never specified, subjected to the limit of perpetual humiliation by her mother Maria, and invisible to the eyes of Alzheimer’s which affects her father Piero. An environment, family and country, which tightens the deadly embrace...


Like Air

The books chosen by Andrea Salonia This review is available only in the original language _________________________________________________________________________ Che sia poi effettivamente questo romanzo a vincere il Premio Strega 2023 ce lo racconterà la serata finale di luglio, la lavagna in nero ardesia, il gessetto bianco, i voti che salgono, e le malcelate tensioni di chi – gli Autori – stan lì in attesa (che il tutto avvenga, che il tutto finisca). Lei, l’autrice, Ada d’Adamo, non ci...


What do people do all day?

“…but deep down I knew it would be a waste of time. And I was tired of wasting time.” Cameron in his pure essence. If you have already read other books by the author, in this one you will find everything you like about him, like a concentrated juice, to be diluted within the flow of spoken and, above all, unspoken words. If you haven’t read a book by him yet, we recommend starting with...


Where are you all?

“The suburbs are the city’s adolescence.” A commemorative book of our society reduced to a comatose state in its human and social component, and we say it without too many words. To keep it alive the commitment of women and men of the third sector, who without any personal gain dedicate themselves to their neighbor and to cover the shortcomings of the institutions, to ensure that the latter are not left to themselves, humiliated and...


The way of the sisters

“Childhood friendships have the consistency of stream water.“ How do personal relationships arise between people? What does it depend on and how does that exact moment come about when a simple acquaintance becomes sincere friendship? Starting from these themes, the writer analyzes the relationships of a friendly nature between women over the years. A narrative engine that works more and more as the pages go by and that the author handles with extreme skill. Hence...


The last white man

The books chosen by Andrea Salonia This review is available only in the original language _________________________________________________________________________ Trovo meravigliosa la diversità, l’eterogeneità, la differenza, la dissomiglianza, la molteplicità, la varietà. E quest’ultima poi mi piace davvero molto, perché i suoi sinonimi sono molteplicità, assortimento, ricchezza, scelta. Varietà e diversità di colore: giallo, rosso, verde, marrone, nero, rosa, rosa antico, rosa pallido, rosa perlato, grigio, arcobaleno. Differenza e molteplicità di idee, pensieri, opinioni, credo. Dissomiglianze di aspetto:...