Tipheret was born in 2009 as an independent brand within the Bonanno Publishing Group.

Starting from the name that indicates the central Sefira of the Kabbalah, that of balance, the only one from which it is possible to reach Daat (knowledge), it was decided to name the various series with the names of the other Sefirot:

Malkhut (the kingdom) is the series of fiction;

Yesod (the cornerstone) that on the basis of knowledge (ritualistic, symbology, etc.);

Hod (the glory) collects life stories and experiences;

Netzach (the victory) contains the tables and paths of growth;

Geburha (the strength) is the history series;

Binah (the understanding) that of esotericism;

Chokmah (the knowledge) is the series on Myth and Tradition;

Kether (the crown) collects the profiles of great masters;

Aleph (connecting corridor between Chokmah and Kether) it is possible to find descriptions of sacred or esoteric places;

Gimel (the beauty) presents profiles of great members.


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Among the latest releases we remember:

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