Il Cinemino

Born in February 2018, the Il Cinemino has quickly become a consolidated reality of cultural life in Milano. A meeting place, film screenings in the original language, refined proposals with local and international authors, innovative festivals, which gives to the city a creative and welcoming space, to create and discuss about new projects. We at BooktoMi are a clear example.

The characteristic traits of the Il Cinemino are a projection room with 75 seats (where access is given after issuing a membership card) and a bar with a strong Milanese footprint (free access even without the membership card), where it is easy to find yourself sharing the table with actors and directors before a movie premiere, or writers in the moments preceding the presentation of a book.

It is precisely the theme nights and the many cultural events that make us happy with this collaboration.

In the EVENTS section of BooktoMi you will find the programming of the book presentations of Il Cinemino.

TIMETABLES: Mon-Fri 12.00-00.00 – Sat-Sun 10.30-00.00

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