The publishing house was founded in 2006. It offers a good level of evasion reading: beautiful stories well written in packaging that is beautiful to see and collect.

It made his debut with I Dingo, a series dedicated to crime fiction. Respect for the traditional classic thriller – from the psychological thriller, to the noir, to the old-fashioned detective story – subject to rules and attentive to the settings, the plots, the definition of the characters, comes to terms with the search for the unusual and the search for new formulas both on a structural and linguistic level and on a thematic level, without refusing to be involved in contemporary problems and with the commitment, where possible, to say “other” from the genre.

Gatti, the second series, inaugurated in the first months of 2008, goes beyond the confines of the thriller to face the fatigue of living and dying without mediations and fictions. This shelf contains stories of personal and family life that are not necessarily relevant and special, according to the principle that everyone’s life is in itself extraordinary for those who have lived it and can also become interesting for others, if told with skill and lightness.

The third series, Pesci fuor d’acqua, recently inaugurated, allows us to range in unusual areas, with unusual editorial solutions, and open “transgressions” of a type not only in terms of content, but also in graphic-linguistics. It is dedicated to writers who “dare”, who want to experiment with new formulas, new languages ​​and to the most curious and daring readers.

Attention to first-time authors is a distinctive sign and at the same time a difficult bet. Rejecting the fashion of writers built in editorial offices around a notoriety acquired in other fields or with the aim of satisfying the worst tastes of the public, the Eclissi publishing house employs many resources in the research and facilitation of talented authors, with good writing skills. creative, who have something to say and are able to arouse emotions and reflections.

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