Mani Tese

Mani Tese was born in December 1964 and since then has never ceased fighting for social, economic and environmental justice throughout the World. 

Today it is a International Non-Governmental Organization that is present in over 41 countries in Africa, Asia and aiming at fostering an autonomous and sustainable economic system through international cooperation and acting together with local communities.

Mani Tese intends to create projects focused on human rights and values, ​​and common goods. Thereby, it is very important that each person is able to become the protagonist of their own growth process, acting in the world as a global citizen. That is why – in order to develop the knowledge, skills and values ​​that all people need to cooperate and build a sustainable future – in Italy and in the countries we operate in, we promote Global Citizenship Education workshops.

Mani Tese today is a multifaceted reality, which can boasts a history and experience in acting as a catalyst for projects and collaborations that sustain a just and sustainable future.

You can find all our collaborations, our projects and the possibilities of working with us on our social media platforms and our website 


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