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If this is a man

“Few are the men who know how to go to death with dignity, and often not the ones you would expect.” We have lost count of the times we have read this book in our lifetime, yet it never seems enough to us. The first feeling we felt during and after reading is that of misunderstanding-anger. Thinking with a cold mind, it is difficult for us to conceive how inhumanity has reached such low peaks,...


The Diary of Anne Frank

“You cannot imagine how sad it is to watch helplessly at the performance of his solitude.” A classic is a classic, so any comment we make may be superfluous or even reductive. For this reason we decided not to dwell on the story that led to the birth of the book, or on the plot, or on the stylistic code adopted, rather we preferred to tell what it meant for us to re-read it after...



“At the head of all is God, the master of heaven. This everyone knows. Then comes the prince of Torlonia, owner of the land. Then the prince’s guards come. Then come the prince’s guard dogs. Then nothing. Then, still nothing. Then, still nothing. Then come the peasants. And we can say that it is finished.” If we were forced to describe the book with a single adjective, there is only one: evergreen. We read Fontamara...