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Hokkaido Highway Blues

Written by Michela De Nuzzo. This review is available only in the original language. __________________________________________________________ Ho pensato molto a come poter catalogare questo libro, e sebbene la definizione più giusta potrebbe essere quella del diario di viaggio, questa sarebbe riduttiva. Esso infatti è un tuffo in apnea nel vero mondo giapponese, quello nascosto dietro ogni sguardo, negli angoli più reconditi, che ti fa venire voglia di preparare lo zaino e partire per andare tu stesso a...


The Cold War 1945-1991

“The Vietnam war has been revealed by the most disastrous of all America’s ventures in all two hundred years of its history.” A historical monograph that is always pleasant to read. A flight suspended over almost fifty years of political and geopolitical events explained in a clear and linear way. The absence of frills and quotes, or an excessive load of dates, makes reading them pleasant and, even more important, smooth. Having a good base...


The Shadow of the Sun

“A stranger is recognized at a glance, anyone can see him and memorize his appearance. There is no need to read books, reflect, discuss: is enough to look.” To start talking about “The Shadow of the Sun”, in an accurate and comprehensive way, we must refer to what is contained in the premise written by the author. This is not a book about Africa, but on the people who live there. Never has a recommendation...