Walden Milano

A literary café in the center of Milan (for the locals, it’s a few steps away from the Colonne di San Lorenzo). Walden is characterized by an atmosphere full of propositions, making the simplicity, familiarity ad authenticity that reign inside more valuable. Reinterpreted as a bistrot, cocktail lab and hub for holding cultural events, it does not lose sight of its “literary” nature with a selection of interesting titles, a book-crossing section, and an outstanding program of book presentation and meetings with the authors.

Recommended for those who need a hut in chaotic Milan to retreat into (in fact, the name freely takes its cue from Henry David Thoreau’s masterpiece, “Walden” of Life in the Woods), and carve out quality time with a book in hand. The philosophy, aimed at sustainable development both in the bistrot as well as in the many titles in the many titles in the library, is not the usual trend of the moment, but a thought shared by all the staff.

In addition to educational workshops, plays in prose or in music, we enjoyed evenings dedicated to reading groups, with a continuous exchange of ideas and thoughts to which is impossible to remain indifferent.

In the EVENTS section of BooktoMi you will find the program of Walden bookshop.

OPENING HOURS: From Tuesday to Sunday open hours 09: 30-23.30. CLOSED MONDAY.

Info: http://www.waldenmilano.it

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