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Il giugno dei libri 2023

Following the success of the first edition, the second edition of the review “June of books” returns from 8 to 21 June. A series of meetings organized by BooktoMi and Occasioni d’Incontro which will fill the free cultural offer in the south of Milan.   For the second consecutive year the meetings will be held in the square in front Mondadori Bookstore Barona.   Info and booking: eventibooktomi@gmail.com  –  occasioni.inchiostro@gmail.com    


Will i see singapore ?

“Maybe, I thought, it’s not the first love that counts, but the last, the one that accompanies a man to death, that helps him to die.” Piero Chiara’s most complete book, written on the writer’s usual and solid narrative structure, with a strong autobiographical component. The places in which the story is set are those of the province, between Trieste, Udine and the lands across the border in Slovenia that belonged to Italy until the...


The black wire

“There is no Italian who manages to completely escape the mistletoe of opportunism.” Book son of the time in which it was written (1995), and of a different, higher, morality and political conscience of the Italian intelligentsia. Reading it today, one greatly appreciates the analysis of the past, and the one that is in some parts incorrect on the future, but not due to the demerit of the author, but rather to the demerit of...


The crack and the light

“We live never knowing when something will last…” Reading is good. Having the chance to meet and chat with some authors does a lot of good. We were lucky to have had the opportunity to read and converse with Gemma Calabresi Milite. Getting in touch with the hand and heart that wrote the light words on which the story of memories rests was an unexpected gift. The book has as its main theme that of...


You are a beautiful beginning

Written by Alessia Colombo This review is available only in the original language. Tipologia: albo illustrato Tematiche principali: empatia, amore, amicizia Tecnica delle illustrazioni: acquarello, inchiostro e matite Età consigliata: 3-10 anni   Non conta quante sono le pagine, ma la storia che il libro racconta. Non conta ricordarsi tutte le parole, ma cantare con tutto il cuore. Non conta avere sempre più amici, ma voler bene a quelli che ci sono. Non conta possedere...


The judge of Cuvio

“The lady was waiting for him at the door and pulling him in like a sip of water.” The story of Augusto Vanghetta, before and after rising to the public office of judge, is that of a miserable person who, due to a fortuitous series of events, and very few personal merits, manages to have social success. Annihilated by a continuous carnal desire to have as many women as possible, he even manages to organize...


In the moment

“You fall before you fall.” Following a fall from a horse, just outside the riding school he manages with his partner, Luca discovers that he is a man on the verge of an existential crisis. The few certainties on which he had built the second part of his life, in the countryside of central Italy, crumble. The physical pain of falling opens the doors to the latent pain of the soul. After a short period...


Luca’s secret

“That old priest, not only preaches the faith of God to women and children, as his profession requires, but he himself believes in it.” Warning for the reader: this review is written by an entire editorial staff totally enchanted by Ignazio Silone’s prose. Underrated, forgotten, left to tan on second-hand stalls, for us Silone’s books are works of art to have at home without arguing. The protagonist of the story, Luca Sabatini, returns to his...


Disturbo della pubblica quiete

Written by Dimitri A. Piccolillo (Bookseller Mondadori Bookstore Barona) This review is available only in the original language. _____________________________________________________________________________ Esordio inaspettato questo di Luca Bizzarri. Da una persona famosa come lui (attore, comico, personaggio televisivo, conduttore e presidente della Fondazione Palazzo Ducale di Genova), normalmente ci si aspetta una autobiografia. “Questo è ciò che mi hanno chiesto infatti!” scherza Luca nella chiacchierata che abbiamo fatto in streaming (disponibile al seguente link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2oR99LH0wc ) Ma Luca...


Save yourself who have a dream

“Sometimes I think that the real curse of my continent is not so much poverty, but the fact that when you are poor you only think of yourself.” Guidrigildo, a word of Lombard origin formed by wer (man, in Latin vir) and geld (price, value), is the sum of money that represented the allowance to be paid to the relatives of the killed person. So here is the whole book enclosed in a single word...