Il Sigillo

The Esoteric Bookshop Il Sigillo was born in May 2019 with the intention of bringing back to the city of Padua the interest in spiritual doctrines and occult sciences, filling a void in the sector that the city had suffered for many years.

The project was born thanks to the initiative of the owner, Fabio Todeschini, a scholar of occultism for decades and author of many publications in this field, assisted by several external collaborators who deal with various disciplines.

Our intent is to provide the client not only with a 360° overview of esotericism, that is, by presenting the texts through an easy sectoral division between the various fields in which it is divided, but also and above all to provide for the needs of those who they approach this very deep and very articulated world for the first time, directing them towards the specific disciplines that best suit their spirit of research.

Il Sigillo hosts numerous events, which include presentations, courses, tarological readings and themed evenings, always advertised on all channels available online, in which we provide daily reading advice to our users.

The shop has a large collection of themed objects, a wide selection of incense, runes, tarot cards, pendulums, ritual instruments and herbs. A stone’s throw from Padua station and the city center, Il Sigillo will not fail to stimulate your imagination and lead you by the hand into the world of magic and mysticism with passion, professionalism and competence.

Our precise intent is to provide the user with a panorama of the Esoteric Tradition as unified as possible on a global level: we have made this long journey with the awareness of the transcendent unity that connects disparate occult sciences and grown in the most remote corners of the globe, according to the metaphysical vision that provides for a perennial connection between all the facets of Occult Knowledge.

Il Sigillo is a corner in which to rediscover one’s awareness, in which to meditate on arcane, ancient and mysterious words, where one can express the purposes of one’s personal research and be guided in the intricate forest of symbols and subtle meanings that constitute the web of occult realities

In the CALENDAR section of BooktoMi you will find the programming of the updated Il Sigillo bookshop


  • Monday     10:00 – 18.30
  • Tuesday    10:00 – 18.30
  • Wednesday   10:00 – 18.30
  • Thursday   10:00 – 18.30
  • Friday        10:00 – 18.30
  • Saturday   10:00 – 18.30
  • Sunday     10:00 – 18.30

Info: Libreria Il Sigillo

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