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I was born after my son

“What if life was a lot simpler than it is?” The quote we chose from the book contains its ultimate meaning. The value of life. Knowing how to appreciate the small daily annoyances as a blessing, and not take anything for granted. Be aware, at any age, of the riches you possess; and this can be expressed in the areas of health, family affection, a warm bed. The author tells his personal story, with the...


If Cats Disappeared from the World

“It had never occurred to me that human actions could have a limit, not even when it was mom’s turn.” We’ve discovered a new book to put on your must-read-before-you-die list. When we bought it we didn’t think that it would enter every single cell of our body, to then make us shine with life. Friendship, love, moral values, guilt, memory pride, regrets, and more, dosed with a delicacy that moves the reader. The protagonist...


The cyclops

“The lighthouse keepers are tough men, nailed to a rock. Absolute monarchs of their territory, and at the same time, recluse in confinement.” A fascinating book, able to tell the experience of a motionless journey, in which what counts most is not the distance traveled, the monuments visited or the languages listened to, but the possibility of seeing life with other eyes, far from the chaos and from the modernity to which we are accustomed....


The years go by

“Love is protected by illusion; but what if this fails?” The book has the merit of having one of the best incipits ever. Very few lines capable of enclosing the essence of the protagonist, the sense of love relationships between men and women from the dawn of time to the present, the craft of the author’s life. Released from prison after serving a twelve-year prison sentence for murder, Arturo known as Bube is faced with...


The language of Casilda Moreira

“FRIDAY RE-VERSO” “What if silence one day no longer wants to be silent?”   There is a language that is dying and there are only two people left to keep it alive. But these two people don’t talk to each other. It is difficult to explain the magnetic suggestion of this plot. It contains the fascination of things that are about to disappear, the enigma and the search, the power of connection and also a certain...


The Sybil

“Joyce has never let herself be stopped, least of all by politics.” Daughter of Guglielmo Salvadori, professor of sociology, and of Giacinta Galletti de Cadilhac, correspondent journalist of the Manchester Guardian, Beatrice Gioconda Salvadori known as Joyce in deference to her English origins, is above all a daughter of the twentieth century, a century that lives intensely in its catastrophes and little interludes of joy. She will make of her the libertarian and progressive demands...


Looking for Pan

“The passengers are recognized by the excitement that invades them.” It’s not narrative, it’s not poetry, at times it’s a real travel story but in verses that alternate with lines and images ready to show the reader what is explained by the words, as if it were possible to grasp them… It is a journey by sea, from Brindisi to Greece, and – let’s say it better – to ancient Greece, therefore not only a...


Diary of a Martian summer

“The truth of the facts is useless and in any case it does not define that of people?” Flaiano, Rome, summer. Three evocative words that perfectly describe the book. Memories, walks, reflections that are able to make Ennio Flaiano known as an old friend, what he represented, indeed he represents, for the Italian cultural panorama. Ennio was none other than an Abruzzese transplanted to Rome at a young age, and which makes him the eternal...


The resistance of women

“Mine has always been a family of fighters.” A book necessary for the collective memory. An isthmus of land, submerged by the ocean of ingratitude, returned visible after too many years, which connects the memory of those who sacrificed their youth, and even their lives, to those who enjoy the fruits of that sacrifice. The role of women during the civil war of 1943-1945 in Italy was soon forgotten, sometimes not even acknowledged, although honoring...

Il giugno dei libri 2023

Following the success of the first edition, the second edition of the review “June of books” returns from 8 to 21 June. A series of meetings organized by BooktoMi and Occasioni d’Incontro which will fill the free cultural offer in the south of Milan.   For the second consecutive year the meetings will be held in the square in front Mondadori Bookstore Barona.   Info and booking: eventibooktomi@gmail.com  –  occasioni.inchiostro@gmail.com