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The adventure of a poor Christian

“The new rich rarely feel full.” Original theatrical text, out of the usual literary production of Ignazio Silone, but without giving way to a lower quality of the work. Winner of the Campiello Prize in 1968, the book collects the best of the author’s intimate poetic house, digging with his bare hands into one of the themes most dear to him: the relationship between man and the Church. To do this he makes use of...


The Abyss

Written by Donatella Lanza This review is available only in the original language. _________________________________________________________ “Un altro mi attende altrove. Ci vado.” “Chi?” volle sapere Henri-Maximilien stupefatto. “Il Priore di Leon, quello sdentato?” Zenone si volse: “Hic Zeno,” rispose. “Me stesso.” Nella mia vita, solo una cosa ha messo sotto la lente di ingrandimento il concetto di libertà come il 2020: l’Opera al Nero, di Marguerite Yourcenar. Il romanzo, che in senso lato ha plasmato la...


The Bolivian Diary

“Bad day for me: I got over it by willpower because I felt broken.” This review is not intended to be a judgment on the historical-political figure, nor a trial on what Latin American history was during the Cold War, a field of confrontation between the USA and the USSR, superpowers engaged in multiple peripheral conflicts to avoid direct clashes, with unimaginable consequences. This is not the place and, frankly, we don’t think we are...