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Will i see singapore ?

“Maybe, I thought, it’s not the first love that counts, but the last, the one that accompanies a man to death, that helps him to die.” Piero Chiara’s most complete book, written on the writer’s usual and solid narrative structure, with a strong autobiographical component. The places in which the story is set are those of the province, between Trieste, Udine and the lands across the border in Slovenia that belonged to Italy until the...


What We Talk About When We Talk About Love

“Something died inside me, – she tells me. – It took a long time, but now he’s dead. And you killed it, as if you had hit it with an ax.” Collection of short stories, including a very short two-page one, in which love is examined and dissected in many of its forms, with the simple story of everyday life. Family and non-family dynamics, in which it is easy to collide with the ghosts of...


A man

“The meeting of two solitudes is also the meeting of two imaginations and our fantasy is to fill every silence, every void.” What is A Man? A biography, an ideological novel, a journalistic investigation and a historical-political essay. A set of literary genres, represented with a perfect balance, which constitutes its greatest added value.  The book was written to fulfill a promise of love made by the author to the main protagonist, Alexandros Panagulis, her...