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The years go by

“Love is protected by illusion; but what if this fails?” The book has the merit of having one of the best incipits ever. Very few lines capable of enclosing the essence of the protagonist, the sense of love relationships between men and women from the dawn of time to the present, the craft of the author’s life. Released from prison after serving a twelve-year prison sentence for murder, Arturo known as Bube is faced with...


What matters is scratching under my armpits

“FRIDAY RE-VERSO” “No one has ever come out to say – Christ, I’m sick as hell – Nobody, do you understand?” The book opens with a long preface by Fernanda Pivano who with expert wisdom explains why and how Bukowski became a giant of literature: if this is what you want to learn more about, read her, which is better. Is she not nice to you? We too, although, far from any sympathy or antipathy, her merit as cultural ferryman...