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Compartment No. 6

The books chosen by Andrea Salonia This review is available only in the original language _________________________________________________________________________ Scompartimento N. 6 è capace di evocare molte suggestioni, e molto diverse tra loro. Rosa Liksom, acclamata autrice finlandese, ha scritto ormai alcuni anni addietro questo romanzo denso che pare melassa, ma al tempo di una leggerezza disarmante, violento e tenerissimo insieme, un romanzo degli opposti stati d’animo, che mi ha incuriosito già per la deliziosa prima di copertina,...


And the Birds Rained Down by

THE FIRST REVIEW OF THE MONTH WILL BE DEDICATED TO THE NEW VOICE: “MONDAY DI-VERSO” “Happiness simply needs to be indulged.” How is it that these old men in books always cut off our legs? What is this tenderness that hits low when it seemed to us that we were immovable and disenchanted? “And the Birds Rained Down by” is a 2011 novel (anticipating by a few years “Our souls at night” by K. Haruf,...