We won’t have love


“Men look at the sky and are surprised, they look at the earth and move in mercy, but, strangely, they do not notice themselves.”

This book came in our hands by accident. A pleasant gift arrived from someone close to us, that had gone to visit the Casa Memoria Felicia and Peppino Impastato, on the anniversary of May 9. And we’re happy about it.

The birth of the book is also related to the case, taken from scattered notes escaped from the seizure of the police when you want to pass the murder of Peppino Impastato, like the accidental death of a terrorist while preparing an attack. They also succeeded for a while in their intent, but fortunately, thanks to the tireless work of a part of Peppino’s family and his friends, the truth about the tragic was revealed and justice was done.

It seems not necessary to dwell on the civic and social significance of Peppino in the Sicily of the 70’s, and in today’s Italy, forty years after his death. But to those who should not know him (perhaps some foreign readers), our advise is to do a short search before reading We won’t have love.

The collected poems are a breath of light wind behind the back. Written by a twenty years old Peppino, they are words full of hopes and dreams and a sense of justice and constructive innocence. Solid pillars, which in the space of a few years have gone on to follow the foundations of its fight against the Mafia.

In many poems there is an aura of melancholy, with an eye turned towards the end of life, halfway between a typical attraction of the young age, and a silent observation that death could have arrived at any moment. To enrich the pages there are photos of Peppino in the various stages of life, and it almost seems to see him writing notes on some papers during a hot Sicilian afternoon, or after receiving bad news, in the solitude typical of those who have many thoughts not to be able to share.


Guido Orlando, Salvo Vitale, Amore non ne avremo, Navarra Editore, Palermo, 2008 (1990)

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