GM.Libri is a new publishing brand, part of the La Vita Felice group.

Last arrived in the family, but strongly supported by the publishing house’s many years of experience, GM.Libri deals with Italian fiction, genre literature (fantasy and science fiction) and quality foreign literature, divided into three series:

  • NarraLibri, which deals with unpublished texts by Italian authors and the re-release of great successes of the recent past;
  • FantaLibri, which includes the most important titles of the fantastic and science fiction narrative of the last period, both Italian and international;
  • NarramondoLibri, dedicated to the great successes of international fiction that, despite never having been translated into Italian, have inspired highly successful films, also distributed in the cinemas of our country.

An ambitious and passionate project that, through high quality narrative, aims to involve and make known new emerging authors, while trying to revive already established authors, who have made the History of Literature.




Among the latest releases we mention:



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