La Lepre Edizioni

La Lepre Edizioni was founded in 2007. It publishes books that offer an unprecedented vision of history and the future and interpret the present critically. The titles of the catalog are about one hundred and twenty, between fiction and non-fiction, divided into nine necklaces.

Among the published titles, new translations with commentary by Iliade and Odissea, and numerous novels on little-known aspects of well-known historical figures or on historical moments of transition, in which one world begins and another ends that lead to a reflection on the present time.

The Lepre also publishes historical, economic or ecological thrillers such as Giallo umbro byPietro del Re, award Portus 2013, Pecunia olet? by Michael Perth or Rosso velabro by Luigi De Pascalisand and stories between science fiction and fantasy, like Il giorno rubato by Marco de Franchi or Il nido della fenice by De Pascalis. Among the Italian and foreign authors published in the past by Lepre, some have international fame, such as Vincenzo Consolo, Aamer Hussein, Jean-Pierre Luminet, Raymond Federman, Violet Trefusis, Bernard Maris (killed in the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo), Ernst Bernhard, Margareth Drabble, Rauda Jamis and Ramòn Pernas.

The different series include: I Tascabili della Lepre, Visioni, Il Giullare, Ta Will, I Saggi, Strenne della LepreFantastico Italiano, Wu WeiLe Printimes

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