“Traveling is a mental set-up and the art of traveling is something you learn directly on the road.”

A light and pleasant book, a reading that slips away like a beautiful sunset on the horizon where earth and sky meet. In perfect harmony with the subject matter and, we believe, with the author’s aim.

The writing has no courtly ambitions, and does nothing to hide it, rather it is functional to the manual vocation of the book. More specifically: providing notions and experience pills on how to best face a journey, both from a mental and physical point of view.

The book maintains a clear division into chapters and each examines a specific aspect of the trip: the destination to be decided, the type of trip to choose, useful and superfluous clothing, and so on.

It is no coincidence that the author clarifies the difference between tourist, traveler and wanderer, depending on what everyone is looking for when they come into contact with what they will know about the trip and how to get in touch with different realities. Of course we realize that a lot depends on the financial resources and age of the person, but this should not be an alibi. We at BooktoMi, for example, as reported in the book, can personally witness the most beautiful journeys and the sharing of the most intense moments we had when we left with only a ticket in our pocket and a luggage full of dreams.

Despite the appreciable attempt to suggest ad hoc websites, to prevent the reader from stumbling upon unclear or unreliable sites, we believe that it is not always useful to refer to certain realities that are by definition changeable and constantly updated, especially in net; and also because we believe that the journey begins with the search for information from home and the possibility of making mistakes or not finding what you need.

We recommend the book as an excellent gift to those who are about to make their first adult trip, without the parachute of their parents, with the thrill of feeling great, wanting to experience, wanting to know the world.


Claudio Pelizzeni, Travelling, Rizzoli, Milano, 2020

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