The Sybil

“Joyce has never let herself be stopped, least of all by politics.”

Daughter of Guglielmo Salvadori, professor of sociology, and of Giacinta Galletti de Cadilhac, correspondent journalist of the Manchester Guardian, Beatrice Gioconda Salvadori known as Joyce in deference to her English origins, is above all a daughter of the twentieth century, a century that lives intensely in its catastrophes and little interludes of joy. She will make of her the libertarian and progressive demands of what has been defined as the short century, leaving a legacy to be carried on by all the women and men of our country.

The biography (although it is simplistic to define it like this) offers the reader multiple Joyces, from the girl who sees the violence of fascism in the beaten and humiliated bodies of her father and brother, to the young partisan who decides to fight and do her part in a country divided in two by the civil war, the woman who falls in love with Emilio Lussu, the mother, the feminist and still many others who have come out of the pages of the book waiting for someone to tell them.

We greatly appreciated the nickname of Sibilla (hence the title) given to Joyce, a woman capable of being ahead of the times both with her ideas and with her actions. Not always easy choices, and which required a courage worthy of strong hearts, committed to a higher morality.

This is not the first book that the author has dedicated to Joyce Lussu, already in past works she had recounted her poetics and her vision of the world, so as not to lose her important moral legacy for Italy, and perhaps for the world feminine as a whole. A certainly passionate study, which then blossomed into direct knowledge, which represents an added and not secondary value. In the text we can trace the daughter words of the profound encounters between the two women, with the sharing of thoughts and visions of the world, which we would have liked to hear from their voices.

We recommend reading the book to get to know the Sibyl and, once finished, go and get to know all of her literary work as well.


Silvia Ballestra, La Sibilla, Laterza, Roma, 2022

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