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The Secret History

“True beauty is always a little creepy.” Classic among the classics of training books, first printed in the early nineties, destined to remain over time, thanks to the topics covered: love, sexuality, friendship, responsibility, social recognition. In other words, what other writers, in other times, would have defined the shadow line. The story is set in a small college in Vermont, where six students of different backgrounds (even if some of them do everything to...


The year of magical thinking

“Pain, when it comes, is not at all what we expect it to be.” Self-criticism: it may be that we did not understand the book, it may be that we were not able to immerse ourselves completely in the spirit that the writer wanted to convey to us, but we were disappointed by the text. We decided to open this writing in this way out of respect for the story told and for the writer’s...


What We Talk About When We Talk About Love

“Something died inside me, – she tells me. – It took a long time, but now he’s dead. And you killed it, as if you had hit it with an ax.” Collection of short stories, including a very short two-page one, in which love is examined and dissected in many of its forms, with the simple story of everyday life. Family and non-family dynamics, in which it is easy to collide with the ghosts of...