The houses of serial killers

“But if something seems too good to be true, it’s usually false

Before sharing our thoughts on the book, we think it is right to open three parentheses of reflections, which concern in order: the idea developed, the writing and the realization.

The basic idea of the text, although already addressed by other authors, certainly has its own interesting aspect. Telling the homes and stories of serial killers has a sinister appeal that is hard not to admit, an interest halfway between the morbid and the curious. Then going on with the reading it is understood that the writer knows the subject in depth, in the smallest details.

The writing however clean and simple she left us with a few too many questions. We would have liked to find a more compelling style, capable of keeping the reader glued to every single written word, as the story told suggests and suggests.

The editorial project, as presented, of the book convinced us less, perhaps not well cared for by our standards. If the cover can be a matter of personal taste, as well as a layout that convinced us less, perhaps with a few less typos the book would have been more appreciated. An example above all are the notes at the end of the text: some sources were underlined, some others in bold, some others were not.

Our advice-hope after you finish reading? We hope that there will be an updated version of the book, in which the positive aspects listed above are highlighted more. We are even more certain of this after having participated in the presentation of the book, in which we were able to find the author’s healthy passion for the subject.

We repeat: we see a good basis on which to work and relaunch the book. Making the most of the good foundations we have seen in order to be able to build a work capable of facing the passing of the years, and not showing cracks at the first winter wind.


Cristina Brondoni, Le case dei serial killer, Clown Bianco, Milano, 2022

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