Ortica Editrice

Ortica is an independent Roman publishing house born in spring 2010. The editorial series that make up the catalog tell of radical choices and strong positions:

Le Erbacce, written for aspiring refractors and criminals – it is the series dedicated to anarchist and politically incorrect thinking;

Le Ombre, heretical and / or spiritual writings – mainly collects reflections from the Eastern philosophical horizon;

Le Spine – a series entirely dedicated to feminist thought;

Gli Artigli, animalist / antispecist writings- tells of the relationship between man and nature in an ethical and subversive perspective, often provocative;

Sussurri e Grida, arts, not crafts – a miscellany of writings on music, writing, photography;

La vecchia talpa, for small shoots – the series dedicated to future revolutionaries;

Opere da due soldi, riotous pamphlets – a collection of short essays and pungent interventions in a pocket-sized format.

Nettle is an itchy plant and itchy wants to be the themes, the authors, the titles. Uncomfortable, annoying, impossible to ignore: this is how Ortica helps the circulation – of ideas.

info: http://www.orticaeditrice.it



Among the latest releases we remember:

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