I hate Him


“That God was nothing but a fantasy created by men to give refuge to our fears?

A strong, powerful and weighty book. The title itself is already explanatory of much of what you are going to read. The story is that of Faustino, a silent child, who takes a long time to speak compared to his peers, and goes to discover the world through the discovery of key words that he writes down in a small notebook. It is precisely the specific weight of the words that makes our little protagonist grow and mature and make him make the most important decisions in his life, up to entering the seminary and embracing faith in its entirety.

The need to help the poorest will lead him to become a missionary in Togo, and to know a new way of relating to God, which will raise in him new questions about the meaning of life, the way of living spirituality, to the point of rediscovering himself as a man and falling in love. . An involution or an evolution of the character? You have to read the book to find out and to find each one in his own way the answer within himself.

We must be honest, we did not know the author before reading this book, and we fell in love with him like nothing. Writing style, syntax, timing and ways in which the narrated story develops were a heart sank in the good reading, which we have been waiting for for a long time.

Making predictions is always risky, and at BooktoMi we always try not to make predictions in our reviews, maybe we are wrong, but we dare to say that if the author decides to continue with the pen profession, his future works could receive a place prominent in the national literary panorama.

In addition to the stylistic value, the book leads the reader to reflect on important issues, such as the relationship with the spiritual sphere of man, love in many of its facets and respect for others, especially for those who are different from us from the point of view. from a historical-cultural-social point of view.


Andrea Salonia, Odiodio, La nave di Teseo, Milano, 2020

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