The history of Rock

“In rock history, Woodstock was the Big Bang.

Second edition, revised and updated of an already iconic work, in which the history of rock music is celebrated. It is not important to be passionate about this genre or not to read the book, on the contrary, it could be the key to falling in love with it and opening one’s own musical / cultural horizons. It is enough to have a keen curiosity for the new (while talking about past stories), like when during a long journey by car we change radio station without looking for something specific.

A volume of almost seven hundred pages, full of stories, anecdotes, images and much more, which can be listened to with the eyes, in fact we challenge the reader not to hear any tune in the head as the reading proceeds. Certainly thanks to the theme, but also to the author who has the innate ability to immediately convey his love for music and the stories of its main protagonists.

From the roots in folk to the Elvis earthquake and then the Beatles to the flowers in the cannons of San Francisco, without space-time boundaries, as is the music. Ezio Guaitamacchi gave us the impression of wearing the suit of the DJ, who tells stories and curiosities between one song and another.

A work of depth, perhaps one of the greatest in the Italian literary genre scene, for its completeness, the ability to go into “the moment”, and not enter excessively into the biographies of the protagonists.

This second edition is enriched by a section called “The rock of the new millennium” in which the evolution of post September 11 rock is told, in a completely different world, with new barriers that music tries to break down. shape the silhouette of the mountains.

Congratulations to the publishing house for investing in such a project, for the graphics and for having rediscovered iconic images in the world of music, capable of giving color to the words written by the author and his collaborators, such as Jessica Testa.


Ezio Guaitamacchi, La storia del rock, Hoepli, Milano, 2022

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