Franco Parenti Theater

The Franco Parenti Theater, the theatrical and cultural center of reference in the city of Milan, is 50 years old on January 16, 2023!

The 2022/2023 season is a very special season for Parenti that has its roots in its history, without melancholy but with a spirit of rediscovery, with a careful look at the present and new developments, cultivating an inexhaustible curiosity for the future.

Founded in 1972 and directed by Andrée Ruth Shammah, the Parenti is the home of the theater and a place of great artistic and cultural vitality, in constant evolution between tradition, research and innovation. Great performers and authors alternate with courageous staging and dramaturgies, and more: they intersect at cultural meetings, concerts, workshops for adults and children and film festivals.

Since 2016, the evocative architecture of the Theater has been enriched with new spaces, the Bagni Misteriosi, with two bathing pools, a garden and other exhibition and performance rooms, for a total of 15,400 square meters which make the Parenti a unique place for meeting and entertainment in the heart of Milan.

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